"Roy Laurent from CRTS has been a key service provider player regarding a time pressuring military project that I have been working on in 2006 and 2007. His expertise in PCB design was crucial to the success of this particular design. This particular design had a high component count and density, required 6 layers, high current capability as well as smallest SMT technology due to limited real estate, whereas top and bottom side were populated. He did craft the layout according to design rules (EMC, EMI, RFI, current capability, thermal capability, voltage isolation, etc.) in a very fast time and was still paying attention to details. Working closely and communicating frequently with Roy Laurent, while being under tremendous pressure, he did always maintain a friendly and even paced personality. Further, Roy Laurent does have good ideas and an eye for changes that make the entire assembly of the design easier. Summarizing, I owe Roy Laurent a good deal of my success with this design. You are looking for quality and results concerning PCB artwork and layout design; then contact Roy Laurent from Clear River Technical Design for his expertise."
Gerd Kueppers
Sr. Electronics Engineer
IPG Photonics
Fiber Laser Manufacturer

"Russound has been using CRTSC over the last two years and will continue to do so for many years to come. CRTSC has provided Russound with designs that have met all of our expectations and more. The speed and technical advice that CRTSC has provided our company is exceptional."
John Cronk
Hardware Engineering Manager
Russound, Inc.

"The best part about working with CRTS is that they are not just a Layout House but that they provide additional engineering resources to our organization. We can always count on CRTS to adhere to our demanding schedules and deliver the completed jobs on time."
Juan Montoya
Manger of Engineering Design Services
NMS Communications

"I think what I most appreciate about CRTS is that they take such an active approach to board layout. They ask questions on all levels – from system down to detailed and serves as another experienced engineer in the design checking process. Just having them understand the problems going from schematics to layout is what I expected – having them go beyond that tells me their dedication to the customer's success."
John G.
Independent Engineering Contractor

"Since I first engaged them over seven years go, Clear River Technical Services has consistently produced quality PCB designs that were always delivered on schedule. They work closely with my engineers and often find mistakes or issues that would have cost me time and money to identify and correct otherwise. I won't use anyone else for my PCB designs."
Michael Fawcett
Chief Technology Officer
iVeia, LLC

"Rising Edge recently celebrated our tenth year in business. On the heels of that milestone, I would like to take the time to thank you and your staff for you continued support over the years. We owe much of our success to CRTS by getting it right the first time. As I think back to our early stages in business, so many refused our business because we were small and unknown. CRTS was the exception to the rule and eagerly took on our projects and provided exceptional service and quality product. As time has progressed and both businesses have grown, your commitment to service and quality has never wavered. Now entering our second decade in business, I look forward to continuing our relationship long into the future."
Michael E. Lewis
Vice President of Engineering
Rising Edge Technologies, Inc.

"We have been a Clear River Tech customer for over ten years, and they have proved invaluable to our success in the design of Atmospheric Research Instruments. During board layout we have come to rely on CRTS's extensive engineering knowledge, achieving and exceeding the desired performance even in our extremely harsh environments. Our designs are always received with great flexibility and enthusiasm (even on tight deadlines) and are often delivered earlier than promised. Transition from schematic to PCB is always seamless and thorough, and we also benefited from their full support during board manufacturing and assembly. It is hard to sum up all the benefits of having CRTS as our board designers, but in one sentence: Our results are always successful. Thank you CRTS. I look forward to many more successful years."
Marco Rivero
Hardware Engineer
Harvard University Atmospheric Research Group

"We at R.E. Prescott Co., Inc. had a problem. Our control board was having intermittent noise problems and was causing a LOUD concern with our customers. The solution for us was to delete the item from our product line or redesign it! We were put in contact with Clear River Technical Solutions! They not only understood our process clearly and quickly but, were able to make suggestions that resulted in a better product than we would have had otherwise. All of us here at REPCO would highly recommend CRTS to anyone for their quick grasp of even the most difficult processes."
Perrin T. Prescott
VP Operations
R.E. Prescott Co.
"Roy Laurent, of Clear River Technical Services, has been designing printed circuit boards for Tekscan Incorporated for several years now. Since I have been working at Tekscan I have had the pleasure of working with Roy on several projects. Roy's combined knowledge of system design and PCB design makes him an irreplaceable resource during the hardware design process. No matter the scope or complexity of the project, Roy provides the same top-notch quality. Roy has not only met my high expectation, but he has surpassed them everytime I have worked with him. I highly recommend Roy and Clear River Technical Services."
Brian Rheaume
Hardware Designer
Tekscan, Inc.
"We have been using Roy and his team at Clear River Technologies for many years. He is one of the rare PCB designers that still understands the unique requirements of audio design and knows how to allow it to co exist with the ever increasing digital circuitry without any degradation in audio performance. I highly recommend his work!"
Andy Lewis
Director of Product Management
Russound, Inc.
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